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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the United States, Nike can be said to occupy half of the athletic footwear market, and has been continuously updated with style and performance sports shoes. ? Its chief design officer John Hawke continues to blaze new trails, development of new shoe materials to make the footwear industry into a green industry for sustainable development: the manufacture of sports shoes are no longer using the traditional rubber, adhesives, plastics and other toxic material. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 41-year-old Hawk design requirements in the design of sports shoes, to consider energy conservation, use less chemicals and produce minimal waste. He cautioned designer, said:. ". To design new shoes, we should try to forget the glue, adhesives, plastics and other toxic chemicals in the completely different footwear process, we will be faced with challenges of their own" & nbsp; & nbsp; Due to continuous innovation, Nike designers not only designed the Nike Shox and Nike Air cushion sports shoes, etc., they also inspired by African athletes run barefoot, and designed a wide leather belt replaced with two conventional laces Nike Free shoes, sports shoes which can give your feet protection while letting movement have the feeling of running barefoot, while your feet hurt from the gravel road. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, not satisfied with these innovations Hawk, he would particularly like to designers to rely on geometry rather than chemical, to re-design the next generation of sports shoes. In order to avoid the use of adhesives, designers are developing organic cotton stitched shoes. These fibers are made from natural leather instead of the upper and midsole made of man-made fibers sewn together. For example, in the manufacture of basketball shoes, designers are using a natural material heel to replace plastic heel cup. Hawke said: "We are not envisaged filler foam lining, and focus on the application of bamboo fiber filler, because bamboo fiber filler is renewable." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for the designer's inspiration, so that the company's design staff Hawk to the zoo to observe the animal's feet, and the feet of an animal painting. He allows designers to visit the Detroit Auto Cheap air jordans for sale Show, the main purpose is not to watch a variety of fascinating cars, but to gain inspiration from the car's decoration, style and color. He said: "We are concerned about car style, surface materials and automotive contour." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; he also asked designers with a hard cardboard makes up human engineering chair. They are not using traditional glue to bond the seat, back and chair legs, but participants folding and bending approach to the design of this chair, it will give full play to the imagination of designers, envisaged the possibility of using folding and bending of the shoe-making process, to replace the traditional shoe-making process of cutting and sewing. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hawk shoe technology has a long history of innovative ideas. In 1979, only 15 years old Hawk on the Nike founder Phil? Knight submitted a central air to keep the soles of sketches. After obtaining the bachelor's and master's degree in architecture, Hawker entered Nike in 1993, is responsible for establishing "Niketown" stores. Seven years later, he was responsible for designing a ShoxXTR Nike shoes, it is a system of training has air Shox shoes. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hawk addition to chief design officer of Nike, but also serves as HermanMiller company's board members, which is a 75-year history, set design and production office, medical and home furnishings as one of the international companies. He is constantly pioneering effort to inject more innovative design to a variety of new products. & Nbsp; today in the Cavs game Zhongwei less foot a new unexposed air jordan XXX, the shoe is currently no commercially available message. Although today the thunder lost the game, but less or a full range of the package of the della Vedova, the three pairs of the data is also very eye-catching. Source: solecollector in 2006, exported to Eastern Europe and North America's Chengdu shoes exported nearly two hundred million U. s.dollars. European footwear purchasing alliance chairman Gski, the United States Shoe distribution participated in the international footwear forum and international procurement section and Retailers Association chairman Peter lairong. The day before, more than 20 of Chengdu Cheap foamposites for sale shoe enterprises jointly, the candidate stage will western Sichuan shoes are state-owned company representatives, chairman Peng Jun on the construction of "Chengdu outstanding contribution award". "is his" reputation "for the brand." Speaking of Peng Jun, a shoefactory company responsible for the Chengdu Deng Jianhua admiration shows between the lines. In 2002, the western capital shoes with the highest output value of only 5 billion yuan were up to 15 billion yuan by 2006. Deng Jianhua said, Chengdu shoes regardless of quality and technology in the country are legendary, but due to the long material processing and OEM production, the Chengdu women's shoes brand reputation is not high. Peng Jun thought of "brand alliance" - starting with industrial operation. Subsequently, China's "Ladies' capital", "industrial operation center" and "Chinese women's shoes capital" brand strategy alliance came into being, more and more independent brands, independent trade platform is also more and more effective. "he is Chengdu shoes to the world", we have recognized the chief salesman "he." Deng Jianhua said, Peng Jun take "go out, please come in" strategy, and promote the development of local shoes enterprises in Chengdu. Peng Jun actively organized local enterprises, collectively participated in the GDS exhibition, the fair and other important exhibitions at home and abroad, for local enterprises to develop their career, change the concept of opportunity. At the same time, on the one hand Peng Jun planning, Chinese shoes are held in November 2005 the construction of Chinese shoes are international forum held in October 2006; the China shoes are "East shoes West" International Forum held in December 2006; the major events of China shoes are international procurement section etc.. To attract major industry associations, the well-known European and American buyers and experts at home and abroad come for their understanding of Chengdu footwear industry, expand Chinese women's popularity has played an important role, at the same time, also played a positive role in promoting Chengdu footwear export. "his call, the" planning "into" order "." Deng Jianhua said, because of the Peng Jun planning of these activities, Chengdu shoes not only get a lot of internat foamposites for cheap ional orders, also sketched out an internationalization channel: Chengdu shoes to keep foreign orders except for Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asia, also opened the export channel in Eastern Europe, North America, Middle East and other markets, at the same time, the grade of export shoes also increased the previous "spread the goods" to enter the European and American mainstream channels. (editor in chief: admin)13U50cO44L0-120J.jpg (65.26 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-11-27 09:05 upload 13U50cO5520-2JK.jpg (49.66 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-11-27 09:05 upload Jordan 00Joint continuation of the classic Adidas Campus 80 x Mita 2013-12-08 22:14:29 & nbsp; Tokyo Ueno top sneakers store mita sneakers adidas Originals now back and start a new one back joint cooperation, choose again to Campus 80s classic style as a joint theme, all in black suede uppers made of three lines adidas Originals shoes logo and heel details of the site with red embellishment, especially on the insole with imitation iron mesh totem, and adidas Originals typeface design on top of the other in gold foil, except as otherwise midsole with vintage processing, showing a charming style long years. Offer Price RMB980[ ] shoes net days ago, Nike launched a new Magista heavy boots. In Spain and Italy's World Cup warm-up match, the Spanish midfielder Iniesta wore the new boots debut, Magista shoes will be the first use of Flyknit technology to the football field, not only the appearance of stunning, and high-tech content full, design and quality of the landmark again and let all the people sit up and take notice. Magista shoes is the latest product of Nike, and the first time in history to apply Flyknit technology to the field of football products. Nike's Flyknit technology uses polyester yarn as material, which is characterized by abrasion resistance and elasticity. The knitting technology innovation to create super light uppers, not only greatly reduce the overall weight of the shoes, while maintaining the original permeability and comfort. After the Flyknit technology used in Nike shoes series, it can fit the foot to itself, such as socks general "stealth" effect. Today, Flyknit technology is used for the first time in the design of footbal Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale l shoes, which also makes many stars rejoice. In addition, Magista boots also innovatively adopted for dynamic fit collar design, combination of shoes and feet further enhanced. is the latest Nike Magista boots not only high-tech full, and cool appearance design. The main hue of the fluorescent yellow light is dazzling, which makes the wearer quickly become the highlight of the stadium. And in detail, the characteristics of the line design not only beyond the fashion, but also can strengthen the friction, so that many top stars fondle admiringly. Iniesta, Tiago Silva, David Lewis, Goetze, football superstar will be wearing Magista boots in the world cup in Brazil this summer, Nike new boots will also lead the new trend in the World Cup stage, become a highly anticipated trend nongchao. & nbsp; &n〉Vans Classics classic line brought a Paisley color series of shoes for you favorite Paisley Vans fans, of course, now in the summer, must be Authentic Lo Pro the thin shoes and take more sun! In the above Authentic? Lo Pro lightweight shoes, Vans used vintage Paisley pattern as the ornament, fashion sense. This time a total of three pairs of shoes launched creation, black, blue and pink three. Price: $50. blue number: VN-0XRNGYE; VN-0XRN36D; pink black item: item: VN-0XRNGYF. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog under the background of global financial crisis, Wenzhou's business scope is bigger and bigger. This year, the "made in Wenzhou" to "in" some land area is smaller than the island of Wenzhou. The latest statistics from Wenzhou Customs said that Wenzhou currently has products in over 198 countries and regions worldwide. According to China economic net reporter, this year in Wenzhou semiconductor, motorcycle helmet and other products of export destination list appeared many new faces: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Melilla, Tonga, French Guiana, Guinea (Bissau), St. Principi, and the beauty of the Cook islands. Wenzhou shoes outside the United States, but also to accelerate the pace of entering the past involved Cheap foamposites for sale fewer popular markets, such as African countries, Egypt, Suriname, and North Korea, the East Asian countries. This year, the emerging market of private enterprises in Wenzhou actively advance, and Chad, Andorra, Afghanistan, Equatorial guinea...... Light is the first half of this year, Wenzhou shoe exports to Switzerland, Cuba, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Angola, Uganda and other countries and regions, an increase reached more than 60%. Wenzhou people always rely on, the financial crisis a year, Wenzhou private enterprises offer strength, go to the market, a solid foundation for the economic recovery to play. Wenzhou Wen Jie Seoul Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. received a small South African merchants orders last year, although the value is only ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan, but all high-grade goods, the same goods exported to Europe at the price of $60, but exports to the country, the price will be $68, so far they have to the client to the six batch of tap. An order for another Andrea motorcycle accessories limited company in July this year, North Africa received in Melilla, only more than 20 thousand of the helmet, but in December to order. The direct benefit of orders picked up, opened up for the gratifying situation of surplus. Statistics show that in June this year, Wenzhou clothing has bottomed success, the first breakthrough; in September, Wenzhou shoe exports began to achieve positive growth; in October, Wenzhou high-tech exports grew 8.5%, growth of 3.9%. in Wenzhou shoe enterprises to "go out", a major export of footwear, Kinde Juyi group and other companies continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, exports increasingly high proportion, the first three quarters of the value of exports has been more than or close to last year's export value. Kinde shoes in the first three quarters of the export value of nearly $75 million, at present the enterprise 20 production lines, the more than 8000 workers, but also can not meet the demand of orders, many outsourcing to other small and medium sized enterprises. Recently, AOKANG customers requirements first export 3000 pairs of shoes to egypt. No boundary R & D team Kangnai relying on nearly 30 years of precipitation from the exquisite manufacturing process, and the authority of the world footwear industry research organization SATRA depth cooperation, many powerful clout designers and more than 10 core industry-leading technology, this year to create a "high-grade commercial Shu Shi shoes, Goodyear shoes production process", "flexible bottom technology" shoes etc.) yesterday, more than 40 rural women in Baiyun District Zhongluotan "double shift" free access to the Guangzhou City Light Industry Vocational School flower arranging classes to learn skills. Let the "double shift" farmers through professional training can learn a skill, get a professional qualification certificate, find a good job. The background of in the external economic overall landslide, the number of Guangdong new businesses and jobs are growing in Guangdong attract entrepreneurship and employment to the charm of what exactly? In a shop in the town in Zhongshan City, Zhang Xiaojian just went all the way from other provinces here as "self-employed" told reporters: "here the entrepreneurial environment loose, many government policies are for the self-employed." And from Sichuan to shop Ms. Wei told reporters, here is easier to find work than the mainland. in Zhongshan Ancient Town, the reporter really felt that our province a series of measures to deal with the financial crisis is playing a role. "living to business" relaxation attracted 2457 applications last year, the financial crisis hit, Guangdong economy mainly in export-oriented economy has been hit! To this year, registration of foreign enterprises is not optimistic, the first 4 months of this year, newly registered foreign-invested enterprises 2249, an increase of -52.13% for the same period, the lowest in nearly 5 years, the development is still facing great difficulties. Guangdong's economy must change, and encourage entrepreneurship to create more jobs". Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce Secretary Lu Binghui said. in the last outbreak of the financial crisis, Guangdong Province alone is Industrial and Commercial Bureau, in order to encourage entrepreneurship this year has introduced the six reform measures and ten convenience measures, the registered capital of the "zero Shoufu", the registration and management of "zero fee", the extension of enterprise investment period, expanding the scope of equity contribution Huimin deal for hitherto unknown. People start collective relaxation". In particular, enterprises and individual businesses were allowed to "live and change businesses", which greatly relaxed the restrictions on operating venues and attracted 2457 applications at once. invested 430 million in funding for jobs, entrepreneurship has created "rice bowl" for the common people, and the positive employment policy has solved the "rice bowl" of more people". The financial crisis has increased employment pressure and the contradiction between supply and demand. However, due to the positive measures taken by governments at all levels, the employment pressure in the province has been effectively alleviated, and it has brought opportunities for new jobs. in the first quarter of this year, the employment situation in our province with the initial effect of the policy, there has been a positive change, the initial effect. according to the introduction, from the end of last year, the relevant departments and governments at all levels to an unprecedented degree issued a series of policies and measures to stabilize and promote employment, all policies and measures of gold content of the big, wide coverage of hitherto unknown. In 2009, the provincial finance provided only 430 million yuan for the promotion of employment funds. shoe factory also began to recover from) EU REACH new regulations will increase the cost of our enterprises 500 million - 1 billion U.S. dollars per year recently, the EU's long-awaited REACH regulations formally implemented, bring cost pressure to many export enterprises in Quanzhou, the shoe effect is very obvious, is expected to cost per pair of shoes will increase the number of yuan. impact: export costs rose significantly the reporter learned that, in accordance with the REACH regulations, manufacturers and importers must submit registration information to the European Chemicals authority, or they will not be available for sale in the EU market. The basic registration and evaluation cost of a chemical substance is about 85 thousand euros, with an individual requirement of 575 thousand euros. testing and registration fees are entirely borne by enterprises, so that enterprises operating costs increased substantially. Experts conservatively estimate that Chinese companies will increase their costs by $500 million to $1 billion annually. for a long time, the European Union is one of the main directions of Quanzhou's footwear exports. The introduction of REACH has undoubtedly increased the production costs of Quanzhou shoe enterprises. Wu Hui, general manager of Quanzhou South Qi Shoes Co., Ltd. believes that the implementation of the new regulations will force companies to seek higher standards of raw materials, leading to cost increases. He expects the cost of each pair of shoes to rise by about 2 yuan. The company has many foreign OEM orders. analysis of executive vice chairman Zhang Xiaoqi of limited company of development of Fujian Shishi Linsen shoes company, the cost per pair of shoes it will increase 3 to 5 yuan. "It's hard to say how much each shoe costs, but it's probably up 2%." The general manager of the company said Ding Guosi Guohui shoes co.. Fujian Green shoes limited in shoes orders for processing, and the EU enterprises long-term cooperation. Sun Yongmeng, general manager of the company, believes that the future trend of rising costs, but the size of the increase depends on the product, "because the use of different raw materials, product prices may be different."". industry insiders, since the REACH regulations have just been implemented, the magnitude of the cost increase will take some time to clear. reaction: high standard enterprise has advantage, enterprises generally believe that the introduction of REACH regulations does not exert great pressure on the development of enterprise production. Xu Zhihua, deputy general manager of Fujian PEAK Group Co., Ltd. believes that enterprises will adopt technological innovationToday the network broke the highly anticipated Kobe tenth pair of signature shoes Kobe X low version of the spy. Vamp continue to use Hyperfuse thermal fusion technology, the sole part of forefoot is Lunarlon, heel part is Zoom Air, the official price of 1399 yuan. 4c4ecd15jw1emlzvwkikqj20jg0frmyq.jpg (66.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe X suspected exposure 2014-11-24 13:48 upload Nike 00