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As everyone knows, since the NBA superstar Wade signed for the Li Ning Co, Li Ning Co launched a single product in too many to count, and these items in the most eye-catching basketball shoes, in order to let many basketball fans have more choices, the Li Ning Co will be divided into the shoes on the field of combat and leisure field in many models, shoe top combat shoes can always cause bursts of hot people. Today is the protagonist of basketball report such a pair of shoes - Lining Wade team is for version " Yuanyang " (LI-NING Wade All in Team Mid " Asymmetry"). 001IzPVqzy6MIUH1E9Ia2& amp; 690.jpeg (95.93 KB, download number: 3) download Lining Wade is in the team to help Yuanyang (LI-NING Wade All in version Team Mid Asymmetry ) 2014-10-11 14:59 upload Familiar with 001IzPVqzy6MIUF9cEL57& amp; 690.jpeg (84.65 KB cheap jordans online , download number: 3) download Lining Wade is in the team to help Yuanyang (LI-NING Wade All in version Team Mid Asymmetry ) 2014-10-11 14:58 upload Michael Jordan has had a profound influence on the sport of basketball. From Chicago to the world stage, the air in the world basketball legend who dominate the pack territory. Air Jordan 9 will all of these elements together in the same shoes design, through the different language and symbols with the bottom, and the clean cut shoe show. It is worth mentioning that, not only the classic style is perfectly engraved, molded shoes with the design of the bottom of the shoe body also extends to the first year of a glorious return: Footwear Design in the previous generation band engraved version was removed, and now again into the Air Jordan 9 Retro this new type of leather. i Cheap air jordan 12 ovo tem: 302370-013 release date: September 5th image.jpg (75 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthracite issued a notice 2015-9-2 21:46 upload image (2).Jpg (135.83 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthracite issued a notice 2015-9-2 21:46 upload image (3).Jpg (88.82 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthracite issued a notice 2015-9-2 21:46 upload image (1).Jpg (68.26 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthracite issued a notice 2015-9-2 21:46 upload image (4).Jpg (60.75 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthracite issued a notice 2015-9-2 21:46 upload image (5).Jpg (51.09 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Anthrac0 according to a nearly 600 domestic export enterprises survey, 66% of respondents said the past few month Retro jordans for sale s, exports to the European market fell, 35% of respondents said that the impact is quite obvious, therefore, 42% of respondents said the next few months will be committed to further consolidate its in the emerging markets of North America and Latin America, Middle East and Africa etc.. The Asia Pacific region has received particular attention from exporters, mainly because of China's free trade agreement with most countries and regions". Pei Kewei global resources business president (C raigPepples) said: "in the face of the economic slowdown in Europe due to the reduced orders, China suppliers have to take proactive measures to sustain them in the region for export business. The survey by engaged in foreign trade promotion of well-known media group for the 581 global resources from different industries to exporters, e cheap foamposites xport product types covered Home Furnishing products, electronic products, hardware and DIY appliances, gifts, clothing and fabrics, solar and energy-saving products and electronic components products, over half of the respondents enterprises from Guangdong and others from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. According to the survey by the European debt crisis spread effect, 66% of respondents said the export enterprises in the past few months on the European market exports fell 35%, said its impact is quite obvious, 22% of the company that can maintain the stability of the export, while 12% of enterprises exports continue to grow. Xu Hubin, Secretary General of the China Council for the promotion of trade, said: "the pressure on the entire global economy this year has led to the fact that China can not stand alone.". Small a Retro jordans for sale nd medium-sized enterprises, because of the weak foundation, the channel is unitary, the ability to resist risks is weaker. However, SMEs should not ignore the advantages of their own "small boat U-turn", and the market adaptability of SMEs is often stronger." affected, 15% of respondents said they would speed up the launch of new products, 11% of enterprises plan to cut production costs to improve profits, 10% of the companies that will increase investment in research and development to further improve the quality of the products, in addition, there are 3% of the respondents consider the production factory to lower cost regions 1%, the companies said if the situation did not improve in the short term, will not have to close the plant. , in response to a slowdown in European export orders, some export companies are acti cheap jordan shoes for men vely strengthening exports to emerging markets. Survey shows that 42% of companies said in the next few months will further consolidate them in South America and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific market position; at the same time, nearly 20% of respondents said the plan to enhance penetration in the domestic market. A number of Guangdong export suppliers also believe that the transfer of domestic sales from exports has become the unanimous choice of most suppliers. Some suppliers believe that the national policy will make efforts in policy encouragement and income improvement in order to open the domestic market.. "Our company has many orders in the Middle East and South America, and these markets have very strong demand, both middle and low grades."Stephen Curry will this weekend on t Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping he all star game, Under Armour Anatomix Spawn to build the first free all star two. The purple shoes with special decorative pattern, with blue black and pale orange decorative details, let us wait and see. 13921EW604550-22J4.jpg (59.21 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 10:15 upload 13921EW61N30-36303.jpg (55.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 10:15 upload 13921EW5V610-1P62.jpg (76.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 upload 10:15 13921EW633450-4F29.jpg (82.42 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 10:15 upload 13921EW64a10-51310.jpg (79.82 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 10:15 upload 13921EWGA50-K939.jpg (63.56 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-12 10:15 upload all star 00With the continuous development of basketball, more and more people belie cheap jordans for sale ve that more and more important for the love of basketball boots, shoes, shoes with Sneaker lovers, playing, shopping, work shoes are subdivided, motion they can according to different motion selection and collocation of different ball shoes, and to the field, more and more friends to show love self personality, with their dazzling shoes to decorate their daily life. Today we report the basketball hero Lining Wade white diamond drill " " (LI-NING; Wade Diamond " White"), is such a pair of full personal color shoes. 001IzPVqgy6LTSeKVWnf7& amp; 690.jpeg (72.01 KB, download number: 30) download Lining Wade (LI-NING Wade Diamond white diamond drill White ) 2014-9-9 10:08 upload as Lining signing, the Miami heat star Dwayne - Wade, a keen sense of fashion is always one of his personal label, back on the Wade score like T Cheap air jordans for sale annangquwu like relaxed, he can always find the opponent's weakness and give a fatal blow, led the team to win, but on the field of Wade is like a gentleman graceful bearing. For fashion goods control also attained perfection, in the past, Li Ning Co will deliver the goods to create a large number of Wade products to satisfy consumer demand and Wade fan. In front of this pair of Lining Wade diamond " white diamond (LI-NING " Wade Diamond " White") is such a product. 001IzPVqgy6LTSePQxha7& amp; 690.jpeg (52.01 KB, download number: 26) download Lining Wade (LI-NING Wade Diamond white diamond drill White ) 2014-9-9 10:08 upload White drill with high design, compared with low shoes, normal wear real hightops more to test our collocation ability, if collocation is proper just down the benefits of high design often give p cheap jordans for sale mens eople a bright eyes, and Wade find everything fresh and new feeling, I also hope that his fans have a unique perception of fashion collocation " white diamond " the upper is made of cow two skins collocation synthetic leather, cloth, shoes and the inspiration it is very easy to distinguish, that is used as the foundation of all diamonds, with leather texture with molding process has not only reflected the facets, diamond proper beauty, more continuity Wade 0Facts speak louder than words, while Air Jordan 30.5 PE, which has been repeatedly questioned by everyone, Russell Westbrook once again got the eighth three pairs this season. You can think of this as a manifestation of the ability of a little individual, but you have to admit that Air Jordan 30.5 can't be done, but it does make Air Jordan XXXI seem awkward. 920fda58jw1fa8r5j5i4ij20ku0eh0ua.jpg (66.08 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Air, Jordan, 30.5, PE, ! 2016-11-29 upload at 10:32 920fda58jw1fa8r5jdn1uj20ku0ow787.jpg (151.2 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Air, Jordan, 30.5, PE, ! 2016-11-29 10:32 upload Air Jordan 305, Wesbrook 00and everyone childhood love painting, back lying on the paper with the brush Xinmayoujiang, how comfortable it is beautiful. Painting is a way to seek inspiration, everyone will feel this in the painting. However, as we grew up, the focus of the painting gradually became a kind of performance, or a single standard limit. In the passage of time, in the past to draw in the picture to get happiness and freedom is gradually disappear...... central beauty picture book Creation Studio course The concept of picture book creation JORDAN CITYAIRCreator: Li Sizhu hiI am a bamboo I'm here to take you to CITYJORDANas a girl, 's interest in basketball is from the beginning of a classic cartoon yes is the master dunkthis time through the AIR JORDAN picture book creationhas a new understanding of basketball met the great 23 player Michael · Jordan He was wearing the AJ ride on the basketball court shot enough to let everyone excited. Just because of this, AJ not only represents Jordan himself, but also represents the struggle and glory, a symbol of the fighting in the end of the basketball spirit and beyond the spirit of self movement. JORDAN CITY AIR is my deconstruction of the characteristics of the AJ shoes and the design of the source of inspiration, combined with Jordan I and the geometry of the building, the reorganization of a world of only AJ. below is my work Great 23 players, he has brought to people is not only basketball visual pleasure, is a strong hegemony in the passion of faith, jordan shoes, sneaker collection even with gloves carefully display their collections. bulls because of Jordan and brilliant, Jordan achievements of the bulls. Jordan Air 11 is one of the most popular tennis shoes in the history of Jordan. 1995 - 1996 season, Jordan was wearing Joe 11 led the team to obtain the unprecedented no latecomers 72 wins and 10 negative NBA best record in the history of the obtained career fourth crown and reached the height of the basketball career. The design of AJ11 patent design is from the designer to the inspiration from swallowtail suit. He won 6 titles, 5 times elected NBA most valuable player, 3 was elected NBA all star game the most valuable player.