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Star Games Shoes edges to create an international brand & quot; lining & quot; I want and footwear giant Nike for a showdown 2003-10-16 16:52:16 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games (Olympics), gymnast Li Ning leapfrogged US competitors, will three medals in the bag. Now, Li Ning is seeking to achieve a higher goal: to his sports shoe company into a strong company, in the vast Chinese market, with the US footwear giant Nike (Nike Inc.) a showdown. his Beijing Li Ning Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (Beijing Li-Ning Sports Goods Co., hereinafter referred to as: Li Ning Company) has gone beyond the large number of cheap domestic brands, China's market in an outstanding company, its sports shoes sales also more than the other companies, including Nike, including. However, although the company founder Li Ning in China enjoys the reputation as the Brazilian soccer star Pele (Pele) or US basketball superstar Michael. Jordan (Michael Jordan), as distinguished in t cheap jordans for sale heir respective countries, but in dazzling foreign brands dominate this industry, the company can not get rid of the more rustic the reputation of local companies. Li Ning, which directly affects the company's profits: the company's athletic footwear and apparel prices can not be as high as Nike, Nike and its products price is only one and even two-thirds of similar products dichotomy. Li Ning, the company decided to change to their foreign rivals enviable brand company, it has begun to sponsor a number of national sports teams, not only is China's sports teams, including France, Spain, Russia and other countries sports teams. The company signed with European designers, in order to enhance its brand sports shoes. Moreover, the company is investing a lot of money for marketing and production of advertising films, corporate image that graces so sign (like a wave-shaped hook) can compete with Nike rounded off hook flag. Beijing's office sat a plan lounge chair, small in stature but tall sturdy Li Ning said: "The Chinese pe cheap foamposites ople need their own sports brand." Li Ning ambition hidden meaning beyond the world of sports shoes. Li Ning tried to build his company into a fashion sports shoes and sports apparel big companies in China and strive to create his own global brand process become pioneers. Although China is rapidly emerging as the world's processing ground (about half of the world's sports shoes made in China), China only has one or two well-known brands in the world. Li Ning's initial success indicates that the rise of emerging Chinese companies Nike, Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola) and Nokia (Nokia) and other companies in order to maintain its market share and had to pull out all the stops. With China's increasingly affluent Chinese market for foreign companies are increasingly critical. When the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, China, the sports shoe market in Hong Kong and Taiwan together will reach $ 2.5 billion, surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest sports shoe market behind the United States later. Shanghai sports mark Cheap air jordan 12 ovo eting firm Zou Marketing of Thor. Peterson (Tor Petersen), said: "The field will become a (competitive) big battle, if the 2004 can not become a mature company, you will be out." basketball tournament sponsored by Nike invested heavily to China, the company even with recently in the American professional basketball league (National Basketball Association, NBA) event caused a sensation Yao Ming signed characters. China has dozens of sports shoes manufacturers, most of them are some of the no credit business, the production of cheap products or counterfeit foreign brands. These companies, almost no Who marketing investment funds. Li Ning company opened in 1990, the situation with these companies far. Li Ning won the gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics the outstanding performance made him a national hero in the eyes of a generation of Chinese people. Four years after the Seoul Olympics, his performance unsatisfactory, did not win a medal, which made him fall into distress. Li Ning was only 8 years old when he was elec Cheap air jordans for sale ted to the national gymnastics schools from rural Guangxi trained, he never carefully considered life after the end of athletic career. By chance, he met Li Jingwei, the China's largest soft drink maker Jianlibao (Jianlibao) person in charge gave him a job in the marketing department. It was this urge Jianlibao founder Li Ning brand to use its prestige to carry out some sports products business, Li Jingwei was one of the few Chinese know the brand and marketing people. But the gymnastics athlete was worried that this might damage his reputation. Because of admirers often stopped on the road, Li Ning, asked him to remain active in the sports arena, Li Ning eventually changed his mind and started his own company in support of Jianlibao. outset, since Li Ning personal fame is so great, the shoes are very easy to sell. But when Li Ning Company booming, the market situation changed. More Chinese brands into the store, competition from foreign brands also increased. Li Ning brand though still very high brand awareness, bu cheap jordan shoes for men t the low quality of its production of sports shoes, old style. Even company executives also acknowledged that internal management was chaos. By 1999, sales from 76 million in 1997 fell to around $ 60 million. Thus, Li Ning fired several family members occupy important positions, hire more professional managers of enterprises. The sales decline has sounded a wake-up call. Li Ning, the company felt the need for a clear positioning, he began determined to produce the best quality sports shoes and sportswear as possible. "We want our products more than Nike (Nike)," Li Ning represents. To reverse the situation, the company moved from its headquarters located in southern Guangdong province near the plant to the consumer market near Beijing. The company set up a research and development centers, the introduction of foreign advanced shoe-making technology. From Italy and France for the Li Ning designer products, from T-shirts to sports bag, both into a more lively style. Meanwhile, Li Ning company also began to invest lar Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ge sums of money their own brand, the 11% of total revenue for marketing. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Li Ning sponsored the French gymnastics team, became the first step towards its international brand. Li Ning, the company hired Publicis Groupe SA's international advertising agency Leo Burnett (Leo Burnett) helped draft the new brand awareness program that will target consumer group in China of high-class young people and teenagers. In addition, Li Ning Company has adopted a new advertising slogan: "Anything is possible (Anything is possible)". Li Ning's revenue started to grow again in 2001, reaching $ 89 million, the company expects 2002 earnings will be more than 120 million US dollars. According to Li Ning, the company estimates, Nike's revenue in China is about $ 100 million. Nike's sales in the China region do not want to disclose, but there is no objection to this figure. In addition, the Li Ning Company disclosed that its profit margin is about 8% of total revenue. However, Li Ning himself has said: "the roa Retro jordans for sale d is not flat." He believes that the company's products in order to Nike product quality and technology match needs at least three years. In addition, Li Ning, the company is also trying to get rid of affiliated companies and personal image of Li Ning, Li Ning's personal image because the younger generation of Chinese people are rapidly losing influence. The company is surrounded by a new generation of consumers to create their own image, mainly this generation to participate in sports activities for entertainment and leisure purposes and not race. following the movement of young people in the stadium said, it indicates that Li Ning sports shoes image remains greatly improved. Beijing city center in an event sponsored by Nike, a group of young people playing basketball in the biting cold in December. Their feet are worn sports shoes: Adidas (Adidas), Nike (Nike) and Reebok (Reebok). No one wear Li Ning shoes. 22 years old, wearing Reebok shoes bell Lei (Zhong Lei, transliteration) said that his impression of the Li Ni Retro jordans for sale ng brand only "can be", but only after the quality can be improved, he would consider buying a pair of. a department store in Beijing Li Ning store, the 19-year-old Andy Xing said he intends to buy a pair of Li Ning shoes, "because its price is lower than" Nike. But the gap between the two brands is increasingly shorter. Last year, the World Women's Basketball Championship game against Spain in China, the Chinese team to wear Nike sportswear. The Spanish team returned wearing Li Ning brand sportswear. "the whole world is experiencing globalization," Li Ning said, "If we want to become China's first, we must also become an international brand." Related news's famous sports brand NIKE's Woven weaving technology is the trademark technology of its brand. Recently, the brand has brought a brand new "Dark Loden" color matching for its brand new innovative shoes Free Inneva Woven Tech. As a whole, Israeli green runs through the full text, interwoven with nylon belts, increasing its breathability and flexibility, and its cheap jordans online Free 5's outsole support capacity will be strengthened. Finally, with 3M reflective toe, heel to embellishment. 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According to the Vietnamese Communist Party "electronic newspaper" reported o cheap jordans for sale mens n September 27th, the Vietnamese Ministry of industry and Commerce in September 26th data show that in September this year, Vietnam exports reached $4 billion 100 million, making the total exports in the first 9 months of $35 billion 600 million, an increase of more than 20%. Among them, exports of $5 billion 800 million, ranked first in the export of textiles as products, exports of crude oil to $5 billion 780 million, exports of footwear for 2 according to the Vietnamese Communist Party "electronic newspaper" reported on September 27th, Vietnam Ministry of industry and Commerce in September 26th data show that in September this year, Vietnam exports reached 4 billion 100 million the dollar, making the total exports in the first 9 months of $35 billion 600 million, an increase of more than 20%. Among them, exports of $5 billion 800 million, ranked first in the export of textiles as products, exports of crude oil to $5 billion 780 million, exports of footwear for $2 billion 969 million, aquatic products for $2 billion 730 million, rice was $12.64, $933 million for rubber. It is reported that in September, the amount of imports has risen to $42 billion 800 million, only in September, imports amounted to 5 billion 100 million U. s.dollars. The main import products include automotive spare parts, finished steel and steel embryos, electronic products, computers and computer parts and so on. (Editor: admin).Inspire design inspiration from the World Cup title Mercurial Superfly shoes and Flyknit Free Mercurial Superfly gave birth to a little new, Nike's Sportswear White Triple launched a new design of the white below. 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"Prince of gymnastics" "" Lining , who started from 1970 to enter the learning gymnastics to retired in 1988, in the Lining 18 years of career, he won the gold medal major gymnastics competition at home and abroad 106 the in in the crown 92 times, 14 times world champion. The International Gymnastics Federation to the action he has named Lining , " href= Lining , Lining 1, Lining 2. in 1999, he was named "Twentieth Century" by the world's most powerful sports news organization, the International Association of sports journalists